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Organic Fresh Mint Bergamot

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With an even split between the two classic mints (peppermint & spearmint) and a generous helping of cold pressed Bergamot Oil, we’ve put together a sensational blend that feels sophisticated and tingly all the way to your toes.  Three distinct flavours seek and find joyous harmony. Our brain pipes happily expand, while our taste buds praise the gods. I will …

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The Perfect Tea for a Foggy Day

In Tea by Kailey Seabrooke2 Comments

Here in the Pacific Northwest it seems as though with the arrival of October the last warm breezes of summer somehow slipped away without even bothering to wave goodbye. The leaves are changing as quickly as our wardrobes and even on a sunny afternoon an iced coffee or chilled tea suddenly feel so out of season! If light scarves and ...

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An Alphabetical list of all of the products in our store. 10 Year Pu-erh 100 Tea Filters - Large 100 Tea Filters - Small 3 Tier Tin Set Anxi Ti Kuan Yin (Iron Goddess) Artisan Naoshi Bombilla Canadian Maple Candied Almond Chai Latte Tipus Chai Latte Chamomile Chasaku Chun Mee Cream Earl Grey Creamy Vanilla Black Crimson Berry Espresso Chai ...


Our PromiseOur passion for tea seems to have no limits. We spend the bulk of our days learning, searching, sipping, and contemplating the wide world of tea. It is only because we have such a love of the leaf that you will find us offering up the best we can create & source to those who find tea to be ...
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Organic Lavender Earl Grey

In by Brent Stewart3 Comments

Organic cold pressed Bergamot oil and fragrant organic Lavender blossoms mingle in this blend of single estate black teas. Choosing Lavender to accentuate the natural floral elements of the Bergamot allows you to relax in a field of flowers. This compliment of the sweet floral notes of lavender into one of the worlds most popular teas is just spectacular! Ingredients: …

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Organic Earl Grey Select

In by Brent Stewart5 Comments

For those wonderful folk out there who have a penchant for smooth, black, robust tea, sprinkled with Italian Bergamot, then our version of Lord Grey’s famous tea will make you salivate. The “select” simply means that the black estate teas are organic, single origin, TGFOP (tippy golden flowery orange pekoe) and not those unidentifiable crumbs our competition refer to as …

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Organic Rooibos Earl Select

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Organic cut Red Rooibos, rich in flavour & bursting with vitamins, is doused with generous amounts of our cold pressed Bergamot Oil. There is no mistaking that this is the South African version of one of the world’s most favorite teas! The blue cornflowers add some eye candy!  …A splash of milk is better than fine. STEEPING ESSENTIALS Teaspoon: 2 …

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Cream Earl Grey

In by Brent Stewart13 Comments

There is a multitude of Cream Earls available, each heralding something different.  Our Cream Earl Grey is indeed one of the most unique. Butter cream & bourbon vanilla float under a satin sheet of fresh citrus, while the rich estate black teas cover all like a warm fleece blanket. In all fairness, I have to warn you, after a cup …

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London Fog Latte Blend

In by Brent Stewart4 Comments

At Denman Island Tea Company, we figured there was a better way to make a London Fog. Rather than using a store bought teabag, elevate your latte with strong rich tea from the Assam Valley, scented with Bergamot oil, vanilla, and cream.  No need for the extra cost of the shot of vanilla syrup. We think this will be the …

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Tea latte art steps up to the cup

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Latte art has become a very cool phenomenon in the coffee house industry.  With perfectly textured milk poured into rich espresso shots and finished with a barista’s insignia, it’s no wonder people line up for a latte made to perfection. Sadly, this care does not exist in tea cafes that serve up their repertoire of lattes.  Inconsistency in preparation, weak ...