Welcome to the Denman Island Tea Company

Hi there! Welcome to the Denman Island Tea Company. We are BC’s signature purveyor of the finest teas available. We firmly believe tea lovers should have access to the freshest & cleanest teas possible. In honoring this commitment, we’ve spent over 2 decades sourcing teas & tisanes from all corners of the globe. Delivering our customers a sensational cup of tea is woven through our DNA.

The Early Years

It all started in May of 1999 with the opening of a small bohemian teahouse in Edmonton. With our burning desire to raise the bar on quality & service, Steeps – the Urban Teahouse arrived on the scene and grew into the largest teahouse chain in Canada, well over a decade before David’s made its appearance.

Come Taste for yourself

With our move off of Denman Island and into ‘town’ we had the opportunity to include a retail bouteaque in the front of our new blending warehouse. This warm & inviting space is small, but offers a real sensory trip for those looking to try some of the freshest teas available. If you adore fine tea or are just looking for a unique gift, our bouteaque offers an exquisite selection.

We are open Monday – Friday 10-4,  and Saturday 11-3.

Address: 13 – 2998 Kilpatrick Ave. [Open Map]

Wholesale Tea - Premium service for your Café

The core of our business for more than a decade has been partnering with like-minded beverage entrepreneurs who want to serve their customers an astounding cup of tea, an aromatic chai latte, or a classic London fog.

Our list of café partners is extensive. We encourage you to join these satisfied Cafes and offer your clients the next level of tea service.


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