Denman Island Tea Winter 2020 – What’s Up With Us?

We hope this post finds you healthy, happy and hopeful for all the amazing opportunities that abound in 2020!

For the new decade, a couple of great things have just unfolded here at Denman Tea HQ;


Denman Island Tea’s new Chai Latte powder is an aromatic, H20 extracted, Indian black tea and masala spice combo. With little to no grit, the underlying Assam tea profile is clean and tannic free. It has received rave reviews as a creamier, smoother more balanced chai latte.

We call it: Island Chai Latte

Easy to prepare, super fresh, intensely aromatic and silky on the palate, what more could you ask for in a Chai?

Oh, one last point, our new chai is also local, made right here in the lower mainland!

Now available in 100 & 300 gm bags for both retail and wholesale.


We have paired with a new Maccha Garden in Japan. The Tiwane Garden in Shizouka Prefecture has been growing organic green tea for 13 generations. The quality of their maccha blew us away in taste tests.

With our commitment to them, we achieved very fair pricing for an extremely high quality Maccha. It’s green vibrancy and superior freshness and distinct umami, will be immediately noticeable as you carve that perfect rosetta in the bright green foam!

The net result of diligently searching for a better, fresher Maccha is that our customers will benefit from a ceremonial grade Maccha for a similar price people pay for ingredient grade Maccha. The difference is unmistakable.

Brendan Waye

Our chief Tea Sommelier? and Certified Tea Specialist?, Brendan has been steeped in the tea industry for the past 19 years. From founding Canada?s first teahouse chain Steeps Tea, to smuggling a traditional Chai recipe back from the famed mountains of the Karakoram (kind thanks to Sherpa Cook Rosie-Ali) that eventually became the ubiquitous ?The Chai Company?, we truly have been around the tea garden and back.

Favorite Tea: Phoenix Mountain Oolong
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