Premium Tea Service


With the bulk of your focus on your all important coffee program, whose got your back for a well-executed tea program that, incidentally, can boost your sales from mid-morning to late night?

The best premium loose teas can taste like bitter, stale grocery store teabags if they are prepared incorrectly. With your frenzied staff, long customer lines, and the absolute need for consistent drinks, why run the risk of serving anything less spectacular than your cafe is?

Our PerfectCup teabags take care of that for you. Bitterness resisting, full leaf, correctly portioned teabags make it simple for you to blow your guests and customers away with a cup of masterfully crafted tea.

It’s easy to get started with our free Artisan Tea Rack, lovingly crafted using local cedar and the skilled hands of the boys over at Hobo Woodworks. Sturdy, eye-catching tins will draw attention to the fact that now, finally, you have a tea program that is worth raising a cup to.

Let’s talk about growing your cafes tea business. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is.

More Per Tea Bag

The standard teabag only contains an average of 2g of tea, which brews a weak and uninspiring cup – definitely something your customer’s won’t return for.

We use an average of 4-5g of tea per bag to make sure that your 12-16oz cup of tea is as full bodied and flavorful as possible.

No Bitterness

By using our simple, one step brewing guide, and specially formulated tea blends, your customers won’t need to worry about throwing out the teabag, or dealing with bitter tea.*

You strive to create coffee that doesn’t taste horrible. Unfortunately, when the tea departs the caring embrace of your baristas, and is left to fend for itself, it often succumbs to the dreaded bitterness. All of a sudden, your cafe product quality is to blame. Its a cruel world. Talk to us about ending this vicious cycle.

*When brewed using 80ºC Water

Reduced Cost & Increased Efficiency

Loose tea is too complicated, and with varying portion control from staff, your customers wont get a consistent cup. Add in spillage and the extra labour needed to prepare, and you have yourself a business headache.

Consistency builds businesses, and perfectly proportioned teabags mean the customer gets the perfect cup every time. You, on the other hand, get to know the exact portion cost of every tea drink, know exactly how many teabags you have left in inventory, and rest assured that you are still giving all the flavour of full leaf tea.


Your tea offering needs to capture the imagination of your customers. With fresh seasonal tea releases, tasting notes, rotating selections, and our expertise, your tea program will finally step out of the limelight to cater to a whole new segment of customers.