10 Year PuErh

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Pu-erh tea is an aged, fermented, bacteria laden, musky delight.  Doesn’t sound too appetizing eh?  Well, the bacteria is actually very beneficial to the body, the taste is earthy and nutty and the caffeine is lower than typical black tea.  The older and longer the Pu-erh tea cakes have been aging (in the right conditions of course), the better the tea tastes and the higher value it commands.  Pu-erh is purported to be one of the best natural cholesterol fighters on the market. This milder classic fermented tea is great for new Pu-erh drinkers because it lacks a lot of the heavy mustiness that is characteristic of some of the longer aged and more fermented cakes.

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About This Tea

Ingredients:  Aged & Fermented Black Tea
Nuances: White/Cremini mushroom, earth, and loam

Steeping Essentials

Amount of PuErh

With gongfu brewing you steep smaller but more portions, this is why Gaiwans and Yixing teapots are the most suitable tools. We recommend 5-8 grams (heaping tsp) of tea steeped 120 ml of water.


In a gongfu session, your tea vessel should be pre-heated, and the leaves should be ‘awakened’ through a quick ‘rinse. To do this you add the tea leaves with 120 ml of water in your steeping vessel (mug or gongfu tea pot). Then you wait for 5-30 seconds and discard the first infusion.

The rinsing time can be short for loose leaf PuErh. Note that the tea leaves don’t have to be completely unfurled. Generally, a 30 second rinse is adequate.


After rinsing, you can infuse the tea leaves again with 120 ml of water & cover your gaiwan or teapot with a lid. When you’re using a Yixing teapot, you can optionally pour hot water over it, to further lock in the heat inside of the teapot.

Wait for 10 seconds and pour out. The steeping time for gongfu sessions is much shorter because we’re using a large amount of leaves relative to the amount of water (120 ml).

Generally, we recommend applying a 10 second steep for the first 3 infusions, followed by adding 5 more seconds for every subsequent infusion. However, feel free to adjust this depending on how you like the intensity of the previous steep.

You can reuse the PuErh tea leaves until the flavour has become too light. We recommend doing a final 2-minute brew to draw out all the flavour.

Enjoy your tea!

Storage: Sealed light proof jar/tin in a cool cupboard. Keep away from heat & light sources.

Best Before: 6-9 months depending on storage. Optimum freshness in the first 6 months after opening


12 g Trial Size, 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g

25 reviews for 10 Year PuErh

  1. Dave Ginn (verified owner)

    Tastes better than it sounds! Delicious, healthy pu-erh.
    And apparently good for my high cholesterol.

  2. Richard Calland (verified owner)

    this Pu-Erh is great and for some reason it’s rich, mild but bold flavor seems to invoke a feeling of being nurtured…

  3. Stephen R. (verified owner)

    I am in love with this tea…:-)

  4. Sebastian K. (verified owner)

    Rich and earthy, just what I was looking for

  5. Shahram Rakhshanfar (verified owner)


  6. Carla (verified owner)

    Musky flavour. Hoping it is going to help lower cholesteral.

  7. Peter W. (verified owner)

    great tea–enjoyed it

  8. silke Fligge (verified owner)

    I love the earthiness of this tea.

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Lovely flavor, very earthy

  10. Mary Klassen (verified owner)

    Love the flavour of the tea,time will tell if it helps reduce cholesterol!! Staff was great💗

  11. Judy Crowston (verified owner)

    Excellent tea

  12. Paula Roseboom (verified owner)

    Was here is a quick amount of time. Easy ordering system.

  13. Heather J Morrison (verified owner)

    Very mild , enjoyable , hope it helps the cholesterol

  14. Leslie Dean (verified owner)

    This tea is amazing. I watches a segment on Global about this tea being good for stomach issues. I have totally given up coffee and get excited for my tea every morning. One happy customer!!!!!!!

  15. Shelley (verified owner)

    Not bad takes a bit to get use to

  16. Patricia B. (verified owner)

    Has a mild earthy taste. Haven’t been drinking it long enough to feel benefits. Service very good.

  17. Mary Jones (verified owner)

    we will see how good it is in a few months

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Taste was better than expected.

  19. Judy Crowston (verified owner)

    Love this tea

  20. Marilyn Ridgway (verified owner)

    my husband drinks nothing but at mome

  21. Leslie (verified owner)

    Love this tea! I have stomach issues and this has really helped not to mention the GREAT TASTE!!!!!!

  22. Melanie (verified owner)

    Pleasant taste. Easy to order and very fast delivery.

  23. Leslie D. (verified owner)

    I purchased this tea after seeing a segment on Global BC when a representative from Denman Island teas said it helped with stomach issues. I have had issues for years that doctors have not been able to figure out. Call it a miracle or maybe this tea really is what they say it is. I have no more stomach issues and bonus “I love the taste”!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wendy Massey (store manager)

      This is so great to hear Leslie, we are happy this tea is working so well for you and you are also enjoying it as much as we do!

  24. Kay (verified owner)

    A smooth, warming, beautiful cup every single time. Love it!

  25. Leslie D. (verified owner)

    I’ve been drinking this tea for just over a year now. Love the taste and quality. It has helped immensely with my stomach issues!

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