Island Chai Latte




To replicate the freshest, most authentic chai flavour possible in the few minutes you have, either at home in the morning or behind your busy café service bar, fresh micro-ground tea and spices are the de facto way to proceed.

Denman Island Tea’s new chai latte powder is an aromatic, H20 extracted, Indian black tea and masala spice combo.  With little to no grit, the underlying Assam tea profile is clean and tannic free. It has received rave reviews as a creamier, smoother more balanced chai latte.  Easy to prepare, super fresh, intensely aromatic and silky on the palate – what more could you ask for in a chai?

Oh, one last point, our new chai is also local – made right here in the lower mainland!

Now available in 100 & 300 gm bags for both retail and wholesale.



Tetra pack concentrates will become obsolete as the carbon footprint of preparing, packing and shipping sweet liquid tea around the globe becomes economically unfeasible.  Tetra packs are clogging landfills already and when you look at packaging size alone – a single coffee bag full of fresh chai powder versus 16 x 1 litre tetra packs.  The evidence is clear. Consider this over the life cycle of your café.  By switching to a powdered chai, you can divert thousands & thousands of non-recyclable tetra packs from landfill.  One single beverage on your menu can have an incredible impact on your carbon footprint.

We hope to see the tetra pack go the way of the dodo bird actually –  sooner rather than later hopefully. We now have the product that can achieve this for you and the rest of the planet.