Organic Assam Tonganagaon FTGFOP1




The Tonganagaon Tea Estate, a small tea garden located near the Namdapha National Park, is one of the richest areas of biodiversity in all of India.

The tea is Certified Organic & Fair Trade.

The medium-black, slightly tippy leaves brew to a medium amber cup with a delightful, well-bodied malty taste. Some describe the liquor as silky smooth with light notes of spice and malt, along with some toasty nuances.

Assam teas complement foods such as chocolate, spiced desserts, meat, strong cheese, fish and more.


Teaspoon: 2 level
Device: mesh basket, cup infuser, brewt, french press,
Water: 12 oz,  212ºF / 100º c
Timer: 3 minutes
Nuances: light notes of spice and malt, toasty