Nishi Okumidori Maccha

Discover Organic Nishi Maccha, a ceremonial-grade marvel from Kagoshima, Japan. Crafted by Master SAKUYA, this maccha undergoes light steaming, level 3 roasting, and traditional stone milling. The Okumidori cultivar offers a sweet, complex flavor, pronounced umami, and minimal astringency. Harvested during the spring’s first flush at Nishi Farm, it captures the essence of the region. Elevate your tea ritual with this meticulously crafted maccha, a true embodiment of Japanese tea culture.


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About This Tea

Ingredients: Organic stone milled Japanese green tea.
Nuances: Vegetal, umami,  fresh

Steeping Essentials

  • Teaspoon: 1/2 level
  • 6 oz hot water (<180°F)°
  • Whisk Maccha until smooth


  • Top up with  steamed milk
  • Storage: Sealed light proof jar/tin in a cool cupboard. Keep away from heat & light sources.
  • Best Before: 6-9 months depending on storage. Optimum freshness in the first 6 months after opening

30g Tin


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