Shimada Whiskey

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Introducing our latest addition, Shimada Whiskey, a sophisticated smoked black tea that captures the essence of tradition and innovation. This exquisite blend originates from the historic city of Shimada in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. Crafted with care by the environmentally minded and health-conscious producer, Mr. Matsumoto, this tea reflects his commitment to sustainable practices through the ancestral method of ecological fertilization known as Chagusaba.

Inspired by the classic Chinese Lapsang Souchong, Shimada Whiskey Tea offers a unique twist. The leaves are smoked for 6 to 8 hours using wood chips from Japanese whisky barrels, resulting in a delicate and aromatic flavour profile reminiscent of a fine Scotch. This meticulous process imbues the tea with a rich texture and powerful sweet peaty flavours.

About This Tea

Ingredients: Black tea
Nuances: Powerful, sweet, smoky, peaty

Steeping Essentials

• Teaspoon: 2 level
• Water: 12 oz, less than 195ºF / 90º C
• Timer: 3-5 minutes
• Storage: Sealed light proof jar/tin in a cool cupboard. Keep away from heat and light sources.
• Best Before: 6-9 months depending on storage. Optimum freshness in the first 6 months after opening