Recommended Tea Types: All Tea Categories

The history of the teapot is almost as rich and varied as the tea itself.  With a story that spans the continents, it has become the ubiquitous symbol of tea preparation for both ancient chinese preparation, and the recognizable european ceramic teapots and style. The steps below outline the method for tea in a european teapot.

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Preheat the ceramic. Pouring hot water into ‘cold’ ceramic will drive the temperature of the water too low to effectively brew the tea. Portion out your masterfully crafted tea into the tea basket that should come with the teapot. Typically, for one 250ml cup of water, you will need 1 – 1.5 tsp of tea. Therefore, if your teapot is 1 litre, you need 4-6 tsps of tea (hope you have company!).


Infuse the tea for the recommended period of time, using the correct temperature of water. Once your timer has gone off, remove the tea basket, and set aside. You are now ready to pour your tea!