The Perfect Tea for a foggy day

Here in the Pacific Northwest it seems as though with the arrival of October the last warm breezes of summer somehow slipped away without even bothering to wave goodbye.

The leaves are changing as quickly as our wardrobes and even on a sunny afternoon an iced coffee or chilled tea suddenly feel so out of season!

If light scarves and heavy sweaters haven’t already got you feeling cozy, then a twist on a classic cup of tea may be just what you need.

Whether Earl Grey is your go to tea or not, with a couple of upgrades it just might be!

How you might ask? Well, the simple solution is a London Fog Latte.

According to local lore the London Fog was born in Vancouver, BC and Rumohr has it that it that in Scotland it’s actually called a Vancouver Fog!

And, not only is this delicious latte warm and nutritious, it’s also so easy to make it’s almost silly.

To make this tasty treat of a beverage, steep Earl Grey tea in a small amount of water while you warm, steam or froth your favourite milk. Pour the milk over the steeped tea, add a dash of vanilla, and sweeten it to your liking. The vanilla plays wonderfully with the slightly citrus bergamot oil in the Earl Grey, but if you want to get even fancier, you can add another flavour like lavender. Furthermore, to ensure the highest quality of tea opt for a brand that uses organic leaves and cold pressed bergamot oil, like this one, and you will definitely be able to taste the difference!


This warming cup of comfort provides you with a little kick-start of caffeine and contains L-theanine too. This is an amino acid that promotes relaxation. So, it simultaneously wakes up the brain and calms the nerves. And, because Earl Grey tea is scented with bergamot oil, inhaling its aroma can help relieve stress and anxiety.

If you are just starting out on your London Fog journey, you can try it out with your favourite Earl Grey tea and steamed milk. However, if you are looking for a tea latte with an expertly balanced flavour profile, consider trying something specially formulated, like Denman Island Tea Co.’s London Fog Blend. According to Cartems Donuts in Vancouver it is perfectly balanced between tasting rich and creamy and not being overly sweet. Other Earl Grey tea blends may overpower the taste of vanilla and milk with their floral aroma.


While a blend like Denman Island’s is technically unsweetened, the vanilla flavour lends a suggestion of sweetness. According to Stir Coffee House in Ladner, BC, it is very aromatic and delicious on its own, but an extra shot of vanilla never hurts either!

Additionally, a London Fog blend can also add creative flavour to the finest of culinary delights. At Cartems the best-selling stuffed donut has a creamy London Fog filling and according to the owner they sell out of it every day. Earnest Ice cream uses it for their popular ice cream flavour too!

So, as the days of fall get shorter and we feel more like bundling up and hibernating, why not try a London Fog latte? It’ll hit all of your comfort cravings while keeping your mood up too!


Kailey Seabrooke

Kailey Seabrooke is an adventure loving health nut and freelance writer for hire.

She draws on her expertise in the fields of holistic health, lifestyle design, and adventure travel to infuse character and credibility into content for digital spaces and print pieces. When she’s not playing with words you can usually find her getting creative in the kitchen or surfing in tropical waters.

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