Welcome 2022

Since January 1st, I’ve been intently listening to talk radio – the CBC, BBC and NPR for the most part.  The overwhelming sentiment that I am hearing is that 2021 was a dismal year of epic proportions.  In our small corner of the world, we’ve been subjected to a relentless succession of extremes. Extreme cold, extreme rain, extreme flooding, extreme heat, extreme fires.

Enough said.

I am not trying to have you over-steep your morning tea here (God help us), no, not in this brief interlude.  Rather, lets focus on all the great things that are happening as we reconnect after over a year long hiatus.

As our population develops more resiliency to the ongoing pandemic, we should hopefully regain some of the normalcy we enjoyed pre-covid. Who’s not craving a few pints at a small live music venue?  Personally, I really miss the events we had at the Denman Hall before the virus took hold.  These community events are so vital for the human interaction we all crave and need. We need them to come back.

Fortunately, I do see a time quickly arriving that will again allow us to gather, to dance and celebrate our local musical talent.  Let the good times roll…

At Denman Tea – we made the move off the island and into Courtenay.  We needed a larger wholesale / retail space and there was simply nothing on the Island to rent or buy. So far, the move has worked out very well.  Retail sales, both online and in the tea boutique have increased substantially, and our long list of wholesale customers are all selling a lot more tea. We could not be more grateful to the people who choose Denman Tea as their go-to cuppa.

If you keep sipping, we will keep producing and improving.

In 2022, we will be focusing on a few key areas that will allow us to produce even higher quality tea and tisanes. The bulk of this relates to buying directly from producers at the source.  Our volumes mean that we can get tea produced specifically to our standards.  This is a very exciting juncture and simply means your cup of Cream Earl will only get better.

So please stick around, the tea farm on Denman is in its second winter and with 3 more to pass, we will be making Denman’s first cup of organic black, oolong, and green tea.

How can you not get completely excited about that?

Here’s to a year that will be, what you make it to be.

From all of us here,

Thank You


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