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The Food Service industry has always held a fascination for us here at Denman Tea. Specifically, how do you maintain premium quality and service and not sacrifice on time and costs? It’s a struggle indeed and with the current state of goods and services today, it has become exponentially harder.

The roots of our company are based on helping our food service partners deliver ultra-premium tea service without blowing the budget on time and expenses. With a cup of tea commanding the highest possible profit margin in food service, why would you not want to serve your customers the best cup of tea this side of Kolkata?

With over two decades of tea specific food industry experience, Denman Island Tea can help you elevate your tea service to a level that will have your customers raving and craving! Our hundreds of tea partners can attest to our dedication to quality and excellent customer service.

Call us or email us today to learn more about how you can provide an exceptional cup of tea or tea latte to the thousands of millennials who have become the new wave of tea aficionados.

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