Tea-rrific Partnerships Await: Discover Our Premium Tea Blends and Exceptional Support for Cafes!

Welcome to our exceptional tea wholesale program, designed exclusively for cafe owners! As a renowned organic loose tea blender and wholesaler with 12 years of experience crafting the highest quality teas for the food service industry, we are thrilled to offer you a partnership beyond exceptional teas.

Here are the top 12 reasons why you should join our wholesale program:

  1. Unmatched Quality: Our teas are sourced from the finest estates, guaranteeing unparalleled taste and freshness in every cup.

  2. Certified Organic: 98% of our teas are certified organic, providing pure, natural flavors that your customers will love.

  3. Variety of Blends: From classic favourites to unique creations, our extensive range caters to diverse tastes, ensuring something for everyone.

  4. Custom Blending: Collaborate with our tea experts to create exclusive signature blends, setting your cafe apart from the competition.

  5. Ethical Sourcing: Support fair trade and sustainable agriculture with our responsible practices, reflecting your cafe's commitment to ethical values.

  6. Competitive Wholesale Pricing: Enjoy attractive prices without compromising quality, maximizing your cafe's profitability.

  7. Best London Fog Latte: Our premium teas create the best London Fog Latte, an irresistible signature drink for your cafe.

  8. Expert Training: Benefit from the expertise of a certified tea sommelier, providing your staff with the knowledge and skills to elevate your tea service.

  9. Exceptional Customer Service: Experience a dedicated team ready to assist you with swift order turnaround in 2-3 business days, ensuring a consistent supply of our exceptional teas.

  10. Proven Track Record: Trusted by over 100 cafes, you'll join a community of successful partners who have elevated their tea offerings with our blends.

  11. Marketing Support: Access to materials for effective promotion in your cafe, helping to attract and engage tea enthusiasts.

  12. Tailored Solutions: We understand your cafe's unique needs and provide personalized solutions to create the perfect team menu for your business.

At the Denman Island Tea Co., we are more than just a supplier — we are your partners in tea excellence. Elevate your tea experience and join our esteemed wholesale program today!

Together, let's delight your customers with exceptional teas and a tea service that sets your cafe apart from the rest.