Infusion Glass Iced Tea Carafe w/ Infuser - 68oz / 2L

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Colour: Clear/Black
Size: 2 litre

This large carafe will give you exquisitely brewed tea, time after time. The borosilicate glass is pleasantly cool to handle. The drip free silicone lid means you won’t waste a single drop and with the internal infuser, your loose leaf tea will ripen in flavour as it brews to perfection. 

The cap is made from premium quality silicone, this means it’s completely food safe, dishwasher safe, and BPA free. The high-quality glass and silicone are both highly resistant to cold and are able to handle freezing temperatures with ease.

The strainer basket detaches quickly and easily from the lid. This means you can use the carafe to make your favorite fruit infusion like zesty ginger lemonade or fresh cucumber water.