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The Perfect Tea for a Foggy Day

In Teaby Kailey Seabrooke2 Comments

Here in the Pacific Northwest it seems as though with the arrival of October the last warm breezes of summer somehow slipped away without even bothering to wave goodbye. The leaves are changing as quickly as our wardrobes and even on a sunny afternoon an iced coffee or chilled tea suddenly feel so out of season! If light scarves and ...

The Breakthrough Research That Will Change How You Feel About Green Tea

In Teaby Brent StewartLeave a Comment

Are you a green tea lover? If you aren’t, for the sake of your brain you’re going to want to become one! A recent study conducted by the University of Southern California has produced some extremely promising results in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease. (Science Daily Article about the study) The study found that a combination of specific ...

3 Reasons Why You’ll Love Tea Lattes

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Are you trying to cut down on your coffee intake without hitting a wall? Or maybe you’re keeping your morning cup of joe but are looking for new ways to add a nutrient boost to your favourite beverage. Well say hello to tea lattes! When you drink a tea latte instead of the traditional milk and espresso variety you can ...
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Why You Should Be Selective Of The Tea You Drink

In Pesticides, Teaby Brendan Waye3 Comments

When the CBC program Marketplace did an expose on pesticides used in the tea growing industry, all of us in the Specialty tea business were quite surprised to see the test results.  Most of the top supermarket brands had up to 22 different chemicals detected on the leaves and in the brew.  In some cases, the level of pesticides detected ...
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Saturday Sips

In Tea, Yerba Mateby Brendan Waye2 Comments

Organic Sun Dried Yerba Mate When I received Olivia's request to do another tea segment for Global, I was clad only in undies, dangling a tuna carcass over the side of a boat off the shores of Key West.  I had managed to attract 4 to 5  large sharks who were making coy, teeth glaring attacks at my GoPro, which ...
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Demystifying Loose Leaf Tea

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We’ve all heard it.  We’ve all tried to explain it.  Sometimes the patron buys into your pitch about the merits of loose over bagged, but other times it can be like talking to a wall. You know what I am talking about here.  You might be able to sell them on the quality and taste difference, but as for the ...
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Move Over Joe Bag, Here Comes the Full-Leaf Lady

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The stinging disappointment of poor tea service used to wash over me time and time again in the 90’s.  I particularly remember a time many years ago when a friend and I were dining at a swanky steak house in Edmonton. I had suggested we cap off the exceptional meal with a nice pot of tea to settle our stomachs ...
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The Advent of “Big Tea”

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When the thought of tea jumps into mind, even in this day where the leaf seems to be cropping up everywhere, we think of quiet solitary times, times where you may have a slight chill penetrating your bones.  It’s now you realize that wrapping your hands around a mug of steaming tea is just about the best thing you’ve done ...
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Kenya tea party: a photo essay by the Teaguy

In Teaby Brendan Waye2 Comments

The team that taught the tea farmers how to make hand crafted tea.  From left to right, Paul Bain, Ian Bain, Grayson Bain, Buddha Dev,  Brendan Waye.  The photo was taken in a small tea field, 15 minutes outside of Chavakali. One of Kenya’s numerous large scale tea gardens.  In some areas, we noticed the fields went on for as ...
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Phoenix Mountain Single Tree Oolong

In Teaby Brendan Waye1 Comment

During April in North Guangdong province at an altitude of 4,500 feet, 100-year-old Oolong trees are harvested for their young shoots, which are then oxidized to 45%, fired under medium heat, and meticulously crafted all along the way.  These single-branch cultivars from Chaoan County’s infamous Phoenix Mountain grow straight up and then fan out, creating an umbrella-like canopy. The tea ...