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One of the most popular teas in North America outside of classic Earl Grey is English Breakfast. We are not from England – as nice as it is over there, nor do we think they have the best tea in the world. So rather than pay homage to those lovely Brits, we decided to create our own breakfast blend – uniquely Canadian! Our breakfast tea is more widely sourced and includes one of China’s top 10 teas – Keemun Hao Ya A, a bright coppery black tea from China’s Anhui Province.

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About This Tea

Ingredients: Organic Indian Assam, Organic China Keemun, Organic, Ceylon Tea
Nuances: Malty oat & barley, hint of smoke on the finish

Steeping Essentials

  • Teaspoon: 2 level
  • Water: 12 oz, less than 195ºF / 90º C
  • Timer: 3-5 minutes
  • Storage: Sealed light proof jar/tin in a cool cupboard. Keep away from heat & light sources.
  • Best Before: 6-9 months depending on storage. Optimum freshness in the first 6 months after opening

50g, 75g, 250g, 500g, 1kg, 12 Tea Bags, 50 Tea Bags, 100 Tea Bags, 24g Trial Size, 4 Tea Bag Trial Size

31 reviews for Canadian Breakfast

  1. Karla

    Amazing!! Strong, smooth, and savory. One of the best cups of tea I’ve had. Great job!!!

  2. Jack (verified owner)

    If you like Irish Breakfast and English Breakfast you’ll have to try this one. I drink it all the time instead of its two cousins. Highly recommended!

  3. Thomas Perez

    Fairly mild for a breakfast tea, Canadian Breakfast is very refreshing with oat and citrus notes. As I like a stronger cup, I prefer it made with near-boiling water as opposed to the recommended 90C.

  4. Cachou

    Perfect breakfast tea for black tea lovers. Drink it plain or with a splash of milk, it’s excellent either way. The Keemun is a great addition.

  5. Leo (verified owner)

    This is my every morning tea! Two teaspoons, 3 mins at 200F (93C) Dash of almond milk. I am happy and ready to go. Its is PERFECT. Rich and flavorful, I now buy it by the KG. Thank you TG!

  6. Lisa Richesson (verified owner)

    I first had this tea at Rosario Resort in the San Juan Islands. It was the best black tea I’ve had and I have a constant supply now at home. Highly recommend it.

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Our whole household starts their day with this.

  8. Kelly (verified owner)

    Milder than the Irish Breakfast tea but just as delicious. Clean-tasting and smooth.

  9. Laurie Kidd (verified owner)

    Wow! Very flavourful, full bodied. A great way to wake up in the morning!

  10. Katherine M. (verified owner)

    Go to breakfast blend

  11. Elaine G. (verified owner)

    good flavour

  12. Rodney M. (verified owner)

    Tea(s) and service I have received have been great. The Organic Canadian Breakfast tea is my everyday tea and I like it very much.

  13. Jack Waye (verified owner)

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

  15. Jennifer Monk (verified owner)

  16. Patricia D. (verified owner)

    It is a very smooth tea.

  17. Richard Calland (verified owner)

    I went off CB in general a while ago but I’m really enjoying the subtle taste and fragrance of this one

  18. Sandra (verified owner)

    So good try it.

  19. Laurie Kidd (verified owner)

    Love it! This is my favourite in the morning. Very tasty.

  20. Howard (verified owner)

    Rich in flavour and a wonderful tea to have in the morning. Love it.

  21. Tracy R. (verified owner)

    Robust and bright! A great alternative to English and Irish breakfast blends with a hint of whisky smoke. Delicious!

  22. Anne (verified owner)

  23. Kimberly R. (verified owner)

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

  25. Andrea Kaback (verified owner)

    great blend and nice full flavour

  26. Rodney M. (verified owner)

    My everyday tea. Buying in bulk works out to about $.35 per cup. It’s well worth it if you’re a pennypincher like me!

  27. Robin Lancaster-Wong (verified owner)

    Good tea

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Our go-to daily brew for years now. Lots of flavour.

  29. Jack (verified owner)

    Denman Island’s own blend! Great job.

  30. Anonymous (verified owner)


  31. Rodney M. (verified owner)

    This is my go to blend for a daily tea. I like the aroma of the dry tea leaves and that of the steeped tea. I prefer “just tea” but Canadian Breakfast adds much more than the off-the-shelf blends.

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